Q&A: How cognitive fatigue impacts developer productivity

Writing code is mentally intensive work, and just like if someone were working a physically demanding job and their body felt exhausted afterwards, mental work can be exhausting mentally. Many knowledge workers report experiencing “cognitive fatigue” after a number of hours, after which point their ability to do tasks significantly drops.  While most workers work … continue reading

SD Times 100

There’s really but one topic that most of our industry is talking about – artificial intelligence. They talk about how it will remove menial, repetitive tasks to free up developers to work on higher value projects. They talk about LLMs, and model training, and GenAI, and trust. Our view from the cheap seats is seeing … continue reading

Q&A: Getting past the hype of AI development tools

Assisting development with AI tools can be quite a decisive topic. Some people feel they’re going to replace developers entirely, some feel they can’t produce good enough code to be useful at all, and a lot of people fall somewhere in the middle. Given the interest in these types of tools over the last few … continue reading

BoxLang: A revolution led by rebels – An interview with Luis Majano, CEO of Ortus Solutions

The Dynamic JVM language world – especially the CFML language – has been static for some time. A big change is afoot with the creation of BoxLang, and SD Times recently had the opportunity to speak with Luis Majano, CEO of Ortus Solutions, which has brought BoxLang – currently in an open beta that will … continue reading

PlatformCon 2024: The #1 Platform engineering virtual conference

Platform engineering — or the practice of internally developing tools for developers to use — will soon become part of most development teams’ strategies, with Gartner estimating that by 2026, 80% of large software engineering companies will have these teams.  It’s a relatively new concept, so in order to learn more about it, attend PlatformCon … continue reading

Watch Improve: Testing

Improve: Testing is a one-day virtual event that covers best practices for continually improving your software testing, to ensure application quality doesn’t suffer from today’s need to release more quickly than ever. Register for Improve: Testing here Hear from 8 testing experts, including: Jason English, director and principal analyst at Intellyx Arthur Hicken, evangelist at Parasoft … continue reading

Broadcom’s ‘Three Pillars’ of value stream management

The idea of improving the creation and delivery of value to customers and the organization itself has come to be described by any number of terms in the industry: value stream management, developer productivity and observability, flow management and – at Broadcom, ValueOps (its value stream management solution). Despite the wrangling over terminology, the industry … continue reading

Find Anything, Anywhere, Instantly: dtSearch Makes Information Retrieval a Breeze

Drowning in documents? Buried in emails? Forget endless scrolling and time-consuming searches. dtSearch is here to be your information hero, offering lightning-fast retrieval across mountains of data. Whether you’re a lone researcher or a large enterprise, dtSearch has a solution tailored to your needs. At its core, dtSearch is a powerful full-text search engine. It … continue reading


DevOps success starts with quality engineering

Studies show that DevOps adoption is still a moving target for the vast majority of software development teams, with just 11% reporting full DevOps maturity in 2022. Navigating this transition requires organization-wide metrics that help everyone understand their role. To that end, Google developed the DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment) metrics to give development teams … continue reading

premium AI-Powered Testing Tools: A Guide for Buyers

In this guide, you’ll learn how testing has evolved to incorporate AI and automation, how to do accessibility testing, a list of tools we recommend to get started, and more. … continue reading

Value stream management: The time is now

The last few years have posed numerous obstacles for companies. Ensuring the company has reliable supply chains is the top challenge, followed by collecting data and inefficient processes, according to a December 2022 research report from Broadcom. To meet these challenges, many organizations are turning to value stream management (VSM). VSM optimizes the entire process … continue reading

Quality engineering should be an enterprise-wide endeavor

Everyone, it seems, wants to shift all the steps required to produce and deliver quality, performant software to the left. The assumption is that by asking developers to take on a greater role in quality assurance and security, the cost to remediate problems is lowered by discovering those issues earlier.  The downside of this is … continue reading

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