premium SD Times July 2022

The latest issue of the magazine is here. This issue features a look at service virtualization, why transferring workload automation is one of the hardest parts of a cloud migration, and how companies are trying to combat burnout in developers. … continue reading

SD Times 100

The great actor Sally Field, upon winning her Academy Award in 1984 for “Places in the Heart,” understood that the trophy meant that a rising Hollywood star had gotten the recognition for her on-screen work that she had longed for. It came not just from industry insiders, but from the general public at large. Fast … continue reading

premium SD Times June 2022

The June issue of SD Times is now available. This issue feature our SD Times 100 winners, as well as a look at effective communication in project management, how microservices push the testing focus from UI to API, and more.                   … continue reading

premium SD Times May 2022

The latest issue of SD Times is now available. This month’s issue features a deep dive into infrastructure as code, how to provide a good customer experience, and how to best utilize collaboration tools in hybrid work settings. … continue reading

premium SD Times April 2022

The latest issue of SD Times is now available. The latest issue features input into what makes a good team leader, software supply chain security and the role enterprise open source plays, and the case for full-stack observability. … continue reading

Optimize data transfer and integrate file transfer in your automation workflows

Workload automation is a critical piece of digital transformation. It can enable practitioners to schedule and execute business process workflows, optimize data transfer and processing and cut down on errors and delays in execution of the business processes themselves.  Businesses currently have three main approaches to modernization and digital transformation. One is that they are … continue reading

premium SD Times March 2022

  The March issue of SD Times is now available. This issue features a look at the technologies that will need to evolve for an eventual metaverse, project champions and mentors, and the power of AI in data integration.       … continue reading

Agile mindset can be applied to more than just development teams

There has been no shortage of information on how to make your development team more agile, but little guidance exists on applying those same practices to infrastructure and operations (I&O). I&O leaders are under a lot of pressure to improve their agility in order to strengthen the alignment between IT and the rest of the … continue reading

A guide to DevSecOps tools

The following is a listing of DevSecOps tool providers, along with a brief description of their offerings.  Bridgecrew by Prisma Cloud automates security from code to cloud. By embedding earlier in the DevOps lifecycle, Bridgecrew enables developers to write secure code without slowing them down. In addition to its DevSecOps tools and integrations, Bridgecrew’s platform … continue reading

How these companies help organizations with DevSecOps

We asked these tool providers to share more information on how their solutions help companies with security in remote or hybrid settings. Their responses are below. Guy Eisenkot, VP of product and co-founder of Bridgecrew by Prisma Cloud As hybrid work environments and cloud infrastructure environments become the norm, organizations’ attack surfaces are only getting … continue reading

premium SD Times February 2022

The latest issue of SD Times is now available. This issue features a look at how RPA is freeing up developers from having to do mundane tasks, Microsoft’s all-inclusive cloud experience, and how to successfully implement citizen development. … continue reading

Reduce test execution times to keep up with pace of delivery

In this era of Agile software development, the life of a product manager, who has to talk about or plan a single feature, is easy. The life of a developer, who has to code one feature, is easy.  For the designer and DevOps engineer, designing and deploying one feature is easy. You know who’s life … continue reading

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