Continuous delivery as a service provider Harness announced that it acquired, the creator of the open-source project Drone. Drone is a continuous delivery system build on container technology.

With this new acquisition, Harness hopes to enable DevOps engineers to build, test and deploy software on-demand, without delay or downtime. plugins are containerized and standardized, and designed to reduce the time and cost of continuous integration by five to 10 times. 

“Instead of requiring scripts, continuous integration pipelines can be declared and managed as code in Git, which means they have standard syntax, require less work and are easy for engineers to create, use, maintain and troubleshoot,” Harness wrote in its announcement.

CI/CD success requires a sound approach
CI/CD pipelines are expanding

Harness also stated that it will continue to invest, innovate and support’s open source community, and that it currently has several internal projects under consideration for open source.

Drone will continue to be open source and free for the community and will become the Harness CI Community Edition. Drone Enterprise will be sold as Harness CI Essentials Edition, and later on this year, the company will add Harness CI Enterprise Edition.

“Today’s software developers are under incredible pressure to create and deploy new applications on-demand, yet a lack of automation means their current process is highly manual, time-consuming and error-prone,” said Jyoti Bansal, CEO and co-founder of Harness. “With the acquisition of, Harness will continue to simplify software delivery for developers, and will fully embrace, and commit to, the open source community so that we can accelerate the speed of software delivery together.”