XebiaLabs is updating its DevOps Platform to provide compliance and visibility across the entire software delivery pipeline. Version 9.0 of the platform comes with a new release audit report that covers the entire release cycle. 

According to the company, it enables users to see “what happened, when it happened, where it happened, and who made it happen.”

“Until now, collecting and analyzing that proof and providing it in a format auditors can use has been almost impossible. XebiaLabs automates the process, giving teams the audit evidence they need instantly,” said Derek Langone, the CEO of  XebiaLabs.

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According to the company, auditing requires constant exchanges between security, compliance, development and DevOps teams. Other features of the audit report include ability to visualize and monitor the software chain of custody, verify security and compliance, drill down into the chain of custody for any release and any tasks, understand risks, and easily identify bottlenecks. 

The DevOps platform has also been updated to improve configuration management, integrate with secrets management solutions, automatically start releases based on events, and new integrations with COmpuware Topaz for Total Test and Delphix Dynamic Data Platform. 

A full list of updates is available here