Progress, according to Paul Nashawaty, has been providing software development platforms and environments for more than 35 years. It is now looking to take the next generation of developer tools forward.

Nashawaty, senior director of product and solutions marketing at Progress, was discussing the new DigitalFactory solutions the company has created to bring a more holistic view to companies across multiple types of development and deployment. Those solutions combine several Progress product lines—DataDirect, Telerik and Modulus among them—into a comprehensive suite.

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The primary reason DigitalFactory was created, he said, was to address the reality that there is no longer simply one type of software development. “There are the roll-up-your-sleeve types diving into code, and there are also citizen developers looking to create new applications to drive business results, and they are looking for low-code, no-code options,” he said.

Meanwhile, organizations are developing applications for mobile devices, for websites, for desktops and more. So, Nashawaty said, Progress wanted to provide an “omnichannel experience” that includes mobile, with the Telerik tools being a big part of that.

Since Progress acquired Telerik and its assets late in 2014, Telerik remained its own entity and was identified as “Telerik—a Progress company.” As of last week’s DigitalFactory and rebranding announcement, Telerik the company goes away, but Telerik the brand remains for developers looking for point solutions.

“Some companies take a top-down approach and want the view across all deployments, and so we’re offering them the DigitalFactory solutions,” explained Nashawaty. “But there are those who take a bottom-up approach and are looking for specific tools to get a job done. They will still buy a point solution and that is still branded Telerik: the developer tools, test and automation.”