#1: How to Make a Computer Operating System
This open-source how-to book of sorts began as a high school project for Samy Pessé, but has evolved into a full 19-chapter guide for building a simple Unix-based operating system in C++. Chapters move through GRUB boots and IDT interrupts all the way to Userland, syscalls and DOS partitions to create a living, breathing OS.

#2: dispatch-proxy
Alexandre Kirszenberg’s SOCKS5/HTTP proxy balances traffic between multiple Internet connections to increase download speed. It runs on Mac, Windows and Linux, eliminating unused Internet connections created by 3G/4G subscriptions or WiFi hotspots with a threaded download manager.

#3: Life
This passion project from Lim Chee Aun is a timeline of Lim’s important life events, visualized in simple, unique fashion. To create a Life timeline of your own, simply fork, add life events and configure with flexible dates and times. A Facebook timeline doesn’t even come close.

#4: List.js
From the mind of Jonny Strömberg, List is a library for adding search, sort, filters and flexibility to tables, lists, and various HTML elements. It’s built to be invisible and work on HTML, without dependencies and with the ability to handle thousands of items.

#5: oriDomi
Fold up DOM elements like paper with this nifty JavaScript library by Dan Motzenbecker. oriDomi is full of amusing touch and mouse effects for manipulating elements with things like ripples, folding, crumpling or animation on the page. It’s about as Zen as development gets.