Docker, which specializes in container platforms, and Arm, designers of computing architectures for processors, partnered up to create a cloud-native unified software development and delivery model for cloud, edge, and IoT environments.

The collaboration will enable cloud developers to build applications on the Arm architecture and will “remove the dependencies of applications from infrastructure, while gaining delivery and production frameworks,” according to a company post.

The companies are working to provide a Docker Enterprise Engine for Amazon EC2 A1 instances powered by AWS Graviton Processors that feature 64-bit Arm Neoverse cores and custom silicon designed by AWS.

“Bringing together Docker’s comprehensive platform with Arm’s vast hardware and software ecosystem gives developers a simplified experience and delivery model for cloud, edge, and IoT applications,” said Mohamed Awad, the vice president of marketing at Arm’s  Infrastructure Line of Business.

Clubhouse integrates Sentry
Project management platform company, Clubhouse, announced that it is integrating the error-monitoring software, Sentry. This allows developers to connect Sentry Issues to Clubhouse Stories.

Sentry provides detailed error monitoring and crash reporting tools so that developers can fix every error in real time. It also provides data that shows which errors are causing the most harm.

“Sentry is a great addition to our integration stack that will help the thousands of teams on our platform prioritize and fix bugs faster,” said Kurt Schrader, the co-founder and CEO of Clubhouse.

MongoDB is set to acquire Realm
MongoDB, Inc., provider of a general purpose database platform, entered into a definitive agreement to soon acquire Realm, the company behind the Realm mobile database and synchronization platform.

With the acquisition, MongoDB seeks to focus on developer communities focused on mobile and serverless development, according to the company in a post.

“We believe this is the perfect marriage so we can continue what we started Realm to do – helping mobile developers build better apps faster and helping both the community and enterprises support their use-cases across offline-first requirements, digital transformation, user experience and IoT,” said David Ratner, the CEO of Realm.

Acceptto announces integration with multiple cloud platforms
Provider of Cognitive Continuous Authentication, Acceptto, announced its integration with multiple cloud platforms to spread its Identity Access Management (IAM) ecosystem.

Now, cloud platforms such as VMware, Microsoft Azure, Citrix Workspace, Salesforce and ServiceNow can use the  Cognitive Continuous Authentication eGuardian platform, which implements artificial intelligence and machine learning technology (AIML) along with behavioral modeling to develop biobehavioral authentication.

Continuous authentication ensures that proper use of credentials is applied throughout an entire session rather than just during initial access.