Progress today announced that Progress® Kendo UI®, the most complete UI library for data-rich web applications, now includes support for React and Vue, adding to its existing support for jQuery and Angular. The new release gives developers the flexibility to select the framework of their choice and move between them freely, all while relying on the robust UI components available in Kendo UI.

The popularity of JavaScript has led to an expanding ecosystem of technologies, frameworks, and libraries. While Facebook’s React has quickly become the fastest growing JavaScript framework, Vue has also gained popularity for its frontend flexibility. However, even though adoption is growing rapidly, most UI component providers offer limited support for these modern framework technologies, forcing developers to change providers. This results in large amounts of work, expense and time lost to replace and ramp up on new libraries.

Expanding upon its vast UI component library, Kendo UI now enables developers to use React or Vue – without having to change component UI products or purchase a new component library. Web developers can continue to deliver rich, responsive, immersive experiences that are fast, responsive, stable and maintainable.

“As JavaScript frameworks continue to evolve at a break-neck speed, frontend developers need best-in-class tools that can keep pace and ease the development process,” said Faris Sweis, SVP and GM, Developer Tooling, Progress. “Kendo UI has always provided a stable, reliable, feature-complete toolkit that enables developers to be more productive and build beautiful apps quickly. As developer frameworks evolve, so will we.”

Kendo UI for Angular Enhancements
In response to customer feedback, Kendo UI continues to enhance its support for Angular with new features, including a TimePicker component, enhanced calendar and Bootstrap v4-compatible Sass theme. Kendo UI tightly integrates with Angular, empowering developers to build next-generation UIs that live up to any modern website design requirement, including native and responsive Angular web applications. Using Kendo UI’s native Angular components enables developers to take advantage of the Angular framework’s native performance capabilities such as Ahead of Time Compilation (AOT), Angular Universal Rendering, and Tree Shaking.

Additional Kendo UI Enhancements
In addition to support for React and Vue, Kendo UI now includes expanded Sass Theme Builder support, making it even easier to seamlessly integrate Kendo UI components with other themes. Progress has also enhanced existing Kendo UI grid and scheduler controls with features that include:

  • Grid CRUD operations with virtual scrolling
  • Grid infinite scrolling compatible with grouping, hierarchy and editing
  • Scheduler timeline view support for multi-day events

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Progress will also host a webinar on September 28, covering the details of the new Kendo UI features for React and Vue. To register, click here.