#1: JavaScript the Right Way
This easy-to-read quick reference from the BrazilJS Foundation is chock full of JavaScript best practices, accepted coding standards and links from top developers around the Web. It’s broken up into sections like style, patterns, tools and frameworks to help introduce new developers to JavaScript, and to help experienced ones bone up on best practices.

#2: The Open-Source Data Science Masters Curriculum
Clare Corthell was tired of sleeping through grad school lectures. She wanted to start working on things, to start hacking things now. So she applied the open-source philosophy of Coursera, eBooks, StackOverflow and GitHub to an open-source education. The full curriculum starts with data science and math courses, and it ends with a comprehensive catalog of computing and programming classes, complete with a capstone project. Open source aside, it’s still grad school, and it’s no joke.

#3: MMAppSwitcher
A simple class that allows you to replace the default scaled-down app interface in the iOS7 app switcher with your own customized card view. Built by Vinh Phuc Dinh, the project is also part of the upcoming ClockShots time-tracking app.

#4: Faker
It’s a Python package that generates fake data for you. Similar Fakers in PHP, Perl and Ruby inspired Joke2k’s fibbing creation, which can bootstrap your database, create good-looking XML documents, fill in your persistence to stress-test it, or anonymize data taken from a production service.

#5: My Mind
This mind-mapping software from Ondrej Zara is a Web application for creating and managing mind maps. Don’t know what a mind map is? It’s a diagram created around a single word and surrounded by associated ideas and concepts. My Mind puts your mind map in an easily manageable console to control layout, colors and shapes. It’s the ultimate tool for the perpetually scatterbrained.