#1: Lime
Lime is an experimental Sublime Text clone by Fredrik Ehnbom, with the goal of being 100% open source and compatible with TextMate and Sublime Text. Ehnbom created Lime because while he loves the Sublime Text editor, he was fed up with its sluggish update schedule and lack of open source. Lime’s front end is still a work in progress, but the back end is close to ready.

#2: Free Programming Books was featured in last week’s Top 5 list.

#3: Oboe.js
This fresh approach to JSON loading by Jim Higson speeds up Web apps by providing parsed objects before the response completes. Small enough to be a micro-library, Oboe wraps HTTP’s request model with a progressively streamed interface, making JSON use easier with responses before the AJAX request completes.

#4: Fast Image Cache
Created by Path, Fast Image Cache is an iOS library for quickly displaying images while scrolling. It allows for fast, smooth scrolling by using image tables to store uncompressed image data. It stores similarly sized and styled images together, automatically manages cache expiry based on recentness, and processes images on a per-model basis, all to streamline the scrolling process.

#5: PredictionIO
The PredictionIO team has created a machine-learning server for software developers and data engineers for predicting and building smart applications. Using PredictionIO, you can write apps that predict user behavior using choice algorithms based on solid data without worrying about scalability.