#1: Favicon Cheat Sheet
This obsessive cheat sheet for types and sizes for favicons (files containing one or more small icons associated with a particular Web page) has been compiled from a host of other sources by Audrey Roy. The cheat sheet works in every desktop and browser going back to Internet Explorer 6, but you shouldn’t use any HTML on the main favicon itself for the best cross-browser compatibility. Just name the file favicon.ico, place the root in your domain, and have a ball.

#2: Maximum Awesome and #3: Parallax were featured in last week’s Top 5 list.

#4: Pen Editor
Pen Editor is a live editing and markdown tool from Sofish, with straightforward, clean functionality. Simply click to edit, select to apply effects, and click toolbar items to toggle them. Insert horizontal rules; quote or underline text; link or unlink text; or use markdown syntax to your heart’s content.

#5: Grande.js
Created by Matt DuVall, this small JavaScript library implements features from Medium’s editing experience to “style text how you think and put the feeling into your words.” Select any text and choose how you want it to look from the menu. It even creates bulleted lists by simply typing “-“ and hitting enter. The project’s tagline touts editing JavaScript in style: “It’s a Medium at Starbucks. Pinky ring out.”