#1: GitBook
GitBook is a command-line tool and Node.js library for building programming books, which are repositories containing at least a readme and a summary file. It also supports multiple languages and exercises using GitHub/Git and Markdown, and can generate book formats as a static website, PDF, eBook, single page, or JSON file.

#2: Free Programming Books: This fan favorite first appeared on the list way back in October 2013, and here it is again. People really like free stuff; who knew?
#3: iHover
iHover is a collection of hover effects using pure CSS. Inspired by an article on circle hover effects with CSS transitions, creator Gudh built his own CSS hover effect collection powered by Sass. iHover contains modular code, has no dependencies, and integrates with Bootstrap 3.

#4: Pyston
This Dropbox creation is a new, under-development Python implementation built using LLVM and modern JIT techniques, with the goal of enhancing performance. Its current focus is on adding more language features such as exceptions, metaclasses and generators, with more optimization work, threading and Python 3 support to follow. Given the popularity of Pyston, apparently outrage over the Dropbox board’s hiring of Condoleezza Rice does not extend to open-source projects.

#5: Slick was featured in last week’s Top 5 trending projects.