#1: GitBucket
An easily installable GitHub clone written in Scala by Naoki Takezoe, GitBucket is all the fun of GitHub, installed anywhere. The clone replicates most basic features such as repositories with viewer and search, wiki, fork and pull requests, and activity timelines. Takezoe is working on adding other features with the next release, like file editing, changeset comments, network graphs, and statics.

#2: Let Me Contain That For You, Google’s open-source Linux container stack, was featured in last week’s Top 5 list.

#3: Jazz Hands
This simple, keyframe-based animation framework for UIKit is perfect for scrolling app intros. Written in Objective-C by IFTTT, Jazz Hands can control animations through gestures, scroll views, KVO or ReactiveCocoa. How does it work? Check out the IFTTT for iPhone app intro to find out.

#4: One Page Scroll
This plugin from Pete R. creates one-page scrolling websites similar to an Apple or Android product launch page. Transforming your website is as simple as including the latest jQuery library in the HTML markup and calling the script. One Page Scroll can also customize animations, timing and the selector using CSS3.

#5: Harp
A static Web server with built-in pre-processing, Harp also serves Jade, Markdown, EJS, Less, Stylus, CoffeeScript (as HTML), CSS, and JavaScript without any configuration. Written in JavaScript by Brock Whitten, Harp also supports the layout/partial paradigm, and has flexible metadata and global objects for traversing the file system and injecting custom data into templates. Not to mention compiling projects down to static assets for hosting behind any valid HTTP server.