Though he writes that it’s “highly opinionated” and “not backed by science,” GitHub user and developer on Microsoft’s Tasks to-do app, Alexey “mr-mig” Migutsky is confident that every programmer would be doing themselves a favor by familiarizing themselves with his project entitled “Every Programmer Should Know.”

Migutsky has amassed a large repository of links and resources that he says he recommends to “every programmer regardless of their skill level or tech stack.” It’s categorized in a series of 24 sections covering topics like “Falsehoods,” which includes a curated list of misconceptions common amongst programmers, and “Careers,” which provides links for guides on starting, maintaining and advancing a career in software development.

“You don’t need to know all of that by heart to be a programmer,” Migutsky writes of the “(mostly) technical” content of his project. “But knowing the stuff will help you become better!”

The repository is accepting contributions and suggestions for including resources, though Migutsky writes: “Our goal is not to have the biggest list of stuff. Our goal is to have a comprehensible list of the most valuable things any programmer should know about.”

Top 5 projects trending on GitHub this week:

#1. AlgoWiki: Repository which contains links and resources on different topics of Computer Science
#2. Awesome-Hacking-Resources: A collection of hacking / penetration testing resources to make you better!
#3. TelegramSwift: Source code of Telegram for macos on Swift 4.0
#4. Cosmos: Your personal library of every algorithm and data structure code that you will ever encounter
#5. Tech-interview-handbook: Algorithms, front end and behavioral content for rocking your coding interview.