GitHub released the limited beta of GitHub Package Registry, a package management service that makes it easy to publish public or private packages next to your source code. Pricing details will be announced soon.

The service is fully integrated with GitHub and it provides fast, reliable downloads backed by GitHub’s global CDN. It also supports familiar package management tools such as JavaScript (npm), Java (Maven), Ruby (RubyGems), .NET (NuGet), and Docker images with more to come.

Also, packages on GitHub inherit the visibility and permissions associated with the repository, and organizations no longer need to maintain a separate package registry and mirror permissions across systems. The service also offers package insights in which  

Qlik partners with Data Literacy and announces new features
Qlik, provider of real-time data integration and analytics solutions, announced multiple enhancements and expansions to its customer success programs to drive analytics adoption.

The enhancements include a new customer support portal, new customer onboarding processes with executive interaction and a singular hub, new proactive customer success health check programs with dedicated additional staffing resources, and more. The full list can be viewed here.

The company also partnered with Data Literacy to launch a free certification.

Candidates who successfully pass the two-hour examination will receive a physical certificate and a badge for their LinkedIn and CV certifying their ability to read, work with, analyze and argue with data.

“The potential for data-informed decision making across all roles and business functions is massive,” said Kevin Hanegan, the chief learning officer at Qlik. “Data literacy has been proven to positively impact organizations’ enterprise value by up to 5 percent, so it is little surprise that this skillset is becoming highly valued.”

Confluent enhances Confluent Cloud
Confluent, a London-based event streaming platform provider, announced new cloud-native capabilities and fully managed services for Confluent Cloud, as part of its efforts to build a cloud-native Kafka service.

The latest advances to the Apache Kafka-powered service that will simplify the delivery of event-driven applications includes new consumption-based pricing and increased elastic scalability from 0 to 100 MBps

Also, Kafka S3 sink connector, Confluent Schema Registry and Confluent KSQL are offered as fully managed cloud services. Organizations can connect all their applications and data to stream at enterprise scale across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, according to a company post.

“Many organizations don’t have the teams or resources needed to size, provision and manage Kafka clusters. With the latest enhancements to Confluent Cloud, we’re making it easier than ever for any data-starved business to transform into a business driven by data in a matter of minutes,” said Neha Narkhede, the co-founder and chief technology and product officer at Confluent.