#1: GitHub Cheat Sheet was featured in last week’s top 5 trending projects.

#2: Mail-in-a-Box
“Hey girl, I got something’ real important to give you. A gift real special, so take off the top. Take a look inside: It’s my Mail-in-a-box.”

Mail-in-a-box, created by Joshua Tauberer, is not a riff on the Justin Timberlake and The Lonely Island song. In fact, it’s a mail server designed to protect against e-mail surveillance with a one-click shell script for an SMTP e-mail protocol server deployable into any cloud infrastructure.

#3: PourOver
This fast filtering and sorting library for large collections of browser items comes courtesy of The New York Times. PourOver allows you to build data-exploration apps and archives that run at 60FPS without waiting for a database call to render query results. The queries have union, intersect and difference capabilities, and can be arbitrarily composed with each other without having to recalculate their results.

#4: Ripple.js
The folks at Ripple developed this tiny foundation for building reactive views with plug-ins. Each view has its own set of bindings and plug-ins, such as events, markdown, intervals, refs and dispatch. Its API is similar to Reactive, but with the added capability of view composition.

#5: Goji
Goji is a minimalistic Web framework for Golang, developed by Carl Jackson. Inspired by the Sinatra Ruby framework, Goji, is fully composable with .NET and HTTP, and defines an interface that performs protocol upgrades and shares request contexts across unrelated objects. The framework has also has flexible routing and extensible middleware.