H3 Solutions, a leader in SharePoint mobility, today announced a free nine-month trial of their Mobile Entrée flagship solution for users of the cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 platform.

Mobile Entrée 365 Preview, which has full functionality until October 31st, 2014, makes mobile access to SharePoint 365 data more efficient and intuitive from any major mobile device.

Microsoft Office 365 represents a major paradigm shift for businesses of all sizes by dramatically lowering the barrier to enterprise technology via the cloud. Third party apps, such as Mobile Entrée 365, enable employees to be productive and collaborate wherever their work takes them.

“Our customers are searching for ways to improve their mobile SharePoint experience, and now they have one available for free,” said Bill Wootton, President of C3 Integrated Solutions. “Mobile Entrée Preview provides this capability in a simple, straightforward manner that is easy to use.”

Mobile Entrée 365 Preview features include:
• Mobile Collaboration Tools: Users can access mobile optimized tools such as documents, tasks and announcements as well as features not available through SharePoint’s default mobile interface such as discussion boards and intuitive calendar views.
• Mobile Search: A mobile search function allows users to more easily find the information they need such as a specific document, address or phone number.
• Total Customization: Users are able to brand their mobile SharePoint site and tailor how content is organized and prioritized for display.
• Custom Mobile App Builder: Mobile Entrée 365 preview comes with Visual Studio extensions that will allow users to add mobile apps to your SharePoint-hosted apps. SharePoint developers can now become mobile developers, building apps such as quote generators or checklist apps to empower workers on-the-go.

“We’re extremely confident in this solution, and excited to provide a long-term preview at no cost to the user,” said Joe Herres, Executive Vice President of Technology, H3 Solutions. “Mobile Entrée 365 Preview fulfills an unmet demand for Office 365 apps focused on collaboration, productivity and enabling mobility.”

The free preview of Mobile Entrée 365 is available here for a limited time. Mobile Entrée 365 is anticipated to be available for purchase and download in the Office 365 app store in the near future.