Now, social media is embedded in the workforce, so much so that some Gen-Y workers will turn down jobs because they are not allowed to use those sites in the office. Crazy? Perhaps, but maybe it is just a sign of the changing times.

The new high school, dubbed the Academy for Software Engineering, will go to great lengths to supply Silicon Alley with tech talent in the future. The spokesman for the Department of Education said that students could have the opportunity to work with companies based in the city and perhaps even score an internship or two.

We think the days of programmers sitting in “cube farms” are over. It’s time to embrace the world of social coding. GitHub hosted the majority of “rookie” projects this year (as named by Black Duck), and Twitter is constantly buzzing with #HTML questions and workarounds for hackers, corporate coders and consultants alike. The world is getting smaller by the hour, and it’s schools like the Academy for Software Engineering that will teach students to take their passion and turn it into a viable job in the future. After all, wouldn’t it be interesting to see what sort of Facebook a 14-year-old could create?