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Node.js 22 is now available

Node.js 22 is now available with a number of new features, such as support for “require()” for synchronous ECMAScript (ES) module graphs, which is currently an experimental feature. When the experimental module is enabled and “require()” tries to load an ES module, if it is both explicitly marked as an ES module and is fully … continue reading

Node.js 21 is here with updated V8 engine and test runner improvements

The team behind Node.js has announced the release of Node.js 21. Node.js is a JavaScript runtime that is built on the JavaScript engine that Chrome uses, V8.  One of the main updates in this release is that the V8 engine was updated to version 11.8.  “Updating the V8 engine offers crucial benefits: bug fixes enhance … continue reading

Node.js 20 released with new experimental permission model

The new permission model was designed to provide better security. It allows developers to restrict access to certain resources during program execution. This can include restricting access to the file system and spawn process and restricting the ability to create worker_threads.  According to the feature roadmap, upcoming additions to the permission model will include adoption … continue reading

Node.js 19 is now available

The Node.js team has released Node.js 19, which updates the V8 JavaScript engine to version 10.7 and enables HTTP(s)/1.1 KeepAlive by default. Version 10.7 of the V8 JavaScript engine adds to the JavaScript API the latest version of Intl.NumberFormat, which lets developers create a formatter instance that is reusable and that supports locale-aware number formatting.  … continue reading

Node.js 18 available with Fetch API enabled by default

The latest version of the JavaScript runtime Node.js is now available.  Node.js 18 includes an update to the V8 JavaScript engine, global fetch enabled by default, and a core test runner module. The V8 engine has been upgraded to version 10.1. This latest version is part of Chromium 101. Upgrading to this latest version unlocked … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Node.js unveils upcoming security fixes; Miro announces Series C funding; DataStax releases Apache Cassandra bootcamp

Node.js, the organization bringing event-driven programming to web servers, recently announced new security releases coming on or shortly after January 10, 2022. These new security releases include versions of the 12.x, 14.x, 16.x, and 17.x release lines.  These security fixes are aimed at addressing three medium severity issues and one low severity issue affecting all … continue reading

TypeScript 4.5 RC introduces new utility type, “Awaited”

Microsoft announced TypeScript 4.5 RC, which includes Nightly-Only ECMAScript Module Support in Node.js, support for ‘lib’ from ‘node_modules’, and more features.  The TypeScript 4.5 beta initially added new settings to support directly running ECMAScript modules in Node.js; however, Microsoft believes that the current experience needs more “bake time” before it can be used more broadly, … continue reading

Node.js 17 now available

Node.js 17 was launched with new features such as OpenSSL 3 support, Node.js version in stack traces, V8 JavaScript Engine Version 9.5, new promises APIs, and updated platform support.  The previous version, Node.js 16 has received LTS support and is still recommended for production deployments, while Node.js 17 is for testing and providing feedback on … continue reading

Node.js 16 now available

Node.js 16 is now available with an upgrade to the V8 JavaScript engine, prebuilt binaries for Apple Silicon, and additional stable APIs.  The V8 JavaScript engine has been updated from version 8.6 to 9.0. According to the team, this update includes ECMAScript RegExp Match Indices, which provide start and end indices for a captured string. … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Electron JS 11.0 released, CodeBot UX is available to early access users, and emerges from stealth

The new version of Electron JS includes upgrades to Chromium 87, V8, 8.7, and Node.js 12.18.3 as well as support for Apple silicon and general improvements. Other improvements include an added V8 crash message and location information to crashReport parameters and improved performance for sending wide objects over the context bridge. Additional details on all … continue reading

Node.js 15 comes with npm 7 support and updated handling of rejections

The JavaScript runtime Node.js has been updated to version 15. Node.js 15 will replace Node.js 14 on the team’s current release line, and Node.js 14 has been moved to long-term support.  According to the team, Node.js 15 will be updated every two weeks with the latest features and changes.  Version 15 features support for npm … continue reading

Fastify 3.0 released with new type definitions and improved TypeScript support

The release of Fastify 3.0 – a Node.js web framework – includes brand new type definitions, new full support of Express middleware, and the refactored request validation.  This is the framework’s final release of the third major version. The latest release includes some noticeable breaking changes  such as middleware support does not come out-of-the-box with … continue reading

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