Node.js, the organization bringing event-driven programming to web servers, recently announced new security releases coming on or shortly after January 10, 2022. These new security releases include versions of the 12.x, 14.x, 16.x, and 17.x release lines. 

These security fixes are aimed at addressing three medium severity issues and one low severity issue affecting all of the above release lines. If you want to report another vulnerability in Node.js, visit here

Miro announces Series C funding

The team at Miro, the online collaborative whiteboard platform, today announced that it has raised $400 million in a Series C funding round. This influx of financing will allow Miro to help organizations and enterprises unlock creativity, increase productivity, strengthen collaboration, and innovate quickly.

Key investors for the round include ICONIQ Growth, Acel, Atlassian, Dragoneer, GIC, Salesforce Ventures, and TVC. Miro intends to strategically deploy this capital while keeping customer needs at the forefront in order to deliver a product and experience that brings users additional value. 

DataStax releases Apache Cassandra bootcamp

The developers at DataStax, the data management company, recently announced a free 4-week learning bootcamp. Throughout the bootcamp, participants will gain high proficiency in Apache Cassandra and by the end, will have the knowledge to take on the Apache Cassandra certification exam.

During each week of the bootcamp, participants will see two hours of live teaching by DataStax Developers in the form of a workshop. With this, there will also be homework assignments given throughout the course of each week. The combination of live sessions and homework tasks makes this bootcamp take up approximately three hours per week. 

There is no penalty for not completing the homework assignments each week, however, these tasks will help users be better prepared for the certification exam. Participants are also given the freedom to come and go as they please as each week acts as a standalone.