The cloud application platform Heroku claims to have improved its build infrastructure, making deploying apps on its platform faster for developers. It reported that its median deployment time is now 39% to 48% faster, depending on the programming language worked with.

From Heroku’s blog

“Being able to deploy code and iterate on ideas quickly is a big part of developer happiness,” the company wrote on its blog.

To achieve that developer happiness, Heroku collected detailed metrics from every part of its build infrastructure and each of its buildpacks in order to identify where time was being spent. The company was also able to measure how each update impacted the build phase it was intended to improve. Based on the metrics, it made changes to its build products and Git service work.

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Changes to the build infrastructure include additional caching, improved user feedback, and better mechanisms for file transfers and storage.

Heroku also had its language specialists inspect and optimize the its buildpacks. The most significant buildpack changes can be found in the Heroku changelog.

“We will continue to use the metrics we’ve created to look for more ways to improve build and deployment speed,” the company wrote.