Lightbend — the company behind the Scala programming language and provider of the leading Reactive application development platform for building distributed systems — today announced its partnership with HPE Security Fortify to develop breakthrough static analysis security testing capabilities for the Scala programming language. The integrated solution extends the Fortify Ecosystem and enables organizations to secure DevOps by embedding static analysis into the workflow development of the customer’s Scala applications. This speeds up and simplifies secure development. Access to the new HPE Fortify Scala security plug-in will be available to

Over the last five years, the Scala language has rapidly evolved from early traction with champions like Twitter — to becoming the de facto standard for building distributed applications designed for performance and reliability in microservices and “Fast Data” use cases (real-time, streaming, IoT pipelines, machine learning, and more). Scala has been heavily adopted by industry leaders like PayPal, UniCredit, and Credit Karma — and is the underlying language for many of today’s most popular frameworks in big data: Akka, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, and more.

“Scala users in the enterprise want a simplified way to test source code for security vulnerabilities. In many cases, this is necessary to meet compliance requirements,” said Adriaan Moors, Scala Team Lead. “By partnering with the leader in the Application Security Testing market, HPE Security Fortify, Lightbend is empowering customers to fend off potential threats with this simplified security breakthrough for discovering vulnerabilities.”

“Organizations must incorporate security testing earlier into the development lifecycle without disrupting production as application development times have decreased and the rate of adversary attacks have risen,” said Scott Johnson, Director of Product Management, HPE Security Fortify, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, “Our partnership and integration with Lightbend enables DevOps to seamlessly test and secure their Scala application development without compromising time to market.”

Lightbend customers who wish to be notified when the HPE Fortify plug-in is available can sign up for early access.