In booth #302 at SPTechCon 2011, Idera, a leading provider of Microsoft SharePoint management and administration solutions, today announced SharePoint diagnostic manager 2.0. SharePoint diagnostic manager provides real-time performance monitoring, analysis and alerting of SharePoint farms and servers from a single console, enabling administrators to quickly identify, diagnose and resolve SharePoint performance and availability problems.

With SharePoint diagnostic manager’s simple installation and out-of-the-box 24/7 monitoring, SharePoint administrators can easily manage the health of their SharePoint environment. SharePoint diagnostic manager 2.0 offers:
• Monitoring of hundreds of metrics per server covering SharePoint infrastructure, SQL Server infrastructure, storage, and network.
• Drill-down and custom views for all collected metrics.
• SharePoint farm content dashboard showing what is stored in a SharePoint farm, complete object counts, sizes and growth rates, graphical views and alerts.
• Historical snapshots enabling administrators to view server performance at any point in the past.
• Comprehensive reporting, including a library of pre-defined reports and the ability to produce custom reports.  
• Comprehensive, configurable alerting.

“SharePoint plays a prominent role in many organizations and ensuring its performance and availability is the number one priority for administrators,” said Rick Pleczko, President and CEO of Idera. “SharePoint diagnostic manager 2.0 provides the most comprehensive solution for SharePoint performance monitoring, capturing all necessary SharePoint performance metrics and turning them into actionable alerts and reports. This provides admins with the tools they need to ensure 24/7 availability of their SharePoint environments.”

In a related press release, Idera also announced SharePoint backup 3.0 today. To learn more go to or visit Idera in booth #302 at SPTechCon.

Pricing and Availability
Idera’s SharePoint diagnostic manager is available at $995 per server.