ARX (Algorithmic Research), the leading provider of digital signature solutions, has recently announced the release of CoSign digital signatures for SharePoint version 6. The upgrade includes enhanced capabilities for digitally signing InfoPath forms, a simplified process for signing PDF files, and more.

With the latest CoSign for SharePoint version, users can digitally sign InfoPath forms with neither CoSign nor InfoPath installed on their machines. This enables quick deployment of CoSign digital signing capabilities with minimal need for administrative management. The new CoSign for SharePoint version also enables users to sign InfoPath forms in their native formats, enabling users to make the most use of their forms while avoiding the roadblocks that arise when forms are converted to PDF. CoSign digital signatures can be easily verified for signer identity and data integrity by any third party, without requiring proprietary validation software.

CoSign for SharePoint now allows users to create and sign signature fields on any PDF file without requiring pre-configurations made by an administrator. In addition, CoSign for SharePoint users can digitally sign SharePoint documents (including Office, PDF, InfoPath, and others) on-the-go using any popular mobile device or tablet, thus enabling professionals to keep workflows moving forward regardless of their location.

“This upgrade is a significant step forward in our mission to provide our customers with the capabilities they need in order to do business most efficiently,” said Gadi Aharoni, CEO, ARX. “I’m confident they will find that these upgrades effectively meet their requirements.”