As we’ve written here before, SharePoint (and its users) have come to a crossroads. Decisions about cloud vs. on-premises installations, or Office 365 vs. a hosted SharePoint solution, or migrating from an earlier version to SharePoint 2013, are important to organizations that want to move forward with their collaboration platform.

While business decision-makers, IT pros and even developers wring their hands over the consequences of these decisions, there is one group that does not. It’s the folks who probably touch the front end of SharePoint more than any other: the information workers.

They do not have the aforementioned issues. They don’t know, and more than likely don’t care, which server in which physical location their document is located. All they want to know is how to access it, modify it, talk about it and put it back. They use all kinds of productivity tools during the course of their day to get these things done.

In this vein, I am excited to announce that Jeremy Thake, a Microsoft senior manager on Office 365, will present the Microsoft keynote at SPTechCon Boston 2014 with focus on those information workers who just need to get through their workday with tools that help them. From his abstract on the session: “With the help of some very special guests, the keynote will be packed with real-world demonstrations of products such as SharePoint, Exchange, Lync, Yammer, OneDrive for Business, and the Office client.”

It’s an important time for information workers, as the decision-makers in your organizations are thinking about the road they want to take with SharePoint, and each has implications for how you work.