With the introduction of SharePoint 2010, storage capabilities exploded. In fact, installations of 1TB are not uncommon anymore. What all this does, though, is create a massive headache for admins trying to control access and apply policies to all those documents and assets, because SharePoint’s built-in security solution is very manual (labor-intensive) and is coarse-grained.

“In SharePoint, people put non-sensitive content right next to sensitive content, so you have to manually assign permissions,” said Antonio Maio, senior product manager at document security company Titus. In small installations, it is merely cumbersome. In those terabyte installations, this becomes virtually impossible.

So a number of third-party solutions have come to market to address this SharePoint shortcoming, and many providers of this kind of software will be showcasing their expertise in the subject—and the products they have created—at February’s SPTechCon in San Francisco.

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