JetBrains, creator of IntelliJ IDEA, ReSharper and other professional development tools, has released the latest version of its PHP IDE, PhpStorm 7.0.

The release keeps up with the latest PHP and Web language trends by providing support for the newly released PHP 5.5 and new features for more effective back-end development. It also includes many features and enhancements from JetBrains’ IntelliJ Platform.

New key features in PhpStorm 7.0 include:

PHP 5.5 language support
• Efficient code reading
• PHP-related inspections and quick fixes

Built-in tools
• Vagrant
• Remote configuration
• Framework-specific command-line tools
• Google app engine for PHP support

Debugging and testing
• Debugger configuration validation
• Debugging with Smart Step Into
• PHPUnit on Server improvements

Frameworks and plug-ins
• Drupal development with PhpStorm
• Framework-specific plug-ins
• Symfony2 plug-in

New Web toolkit
• JavaScript template support
• Web components
• Modern stylesheets, JavaScript and npm
• LiveEdit and JavaScript debugging

For those who purchased their license after Oct. 22, 2012, PhpStorm 7.0 is a free update. See for more information.