Telerik completed its HTML and JavaScript application development tool with the release of Kendo Mobile UI, a “code once” application development framework built on the open-source jQuery library.

Todd Anglin, vice president of HTML5, Web and mobile tools at Telerik, said that the tool allows developers to write a particular piece of code once, copy some of it, and deploy it to native experiences on Android, BlackBerry and iOS. The entire Kendo UI framework, including Web for desktop applications and DataViz for desktop visualization widgets, aims to help developers create unified Web solutions with a customized experience for each kind of device and user environment.

Anglin said that applications built in Kendo will let the end user feel like they are working in those native applications, and he added that this tool will help companies who wish to have a mobile presence but don’t want to maintain all the individual specialists for each mobile platform and device.

Kendo UI Complete, featuring Kendo UI Web, Kendo UI DataViz and Kendo UI Mobile, is available today. Developers can also access Kendo UI Web under an open-source license (GPLv3). The only external dependency for Kendo UI Mobile, according to Anglin, is the jQuery JavaScript library.