Telerik has announced Kendo UI Core, an open-source version of its Kendo UI product.

“We wanted to expose a broader part of the Web community to what we have to offer,” said Brandon Satrom, director of product management at Telerik. “We wanted to make it easier for developers that are interested in using Kendo UI or interested in using a UI library to have access to a UI library that is professionally built, and to be able to use it for free in their commercial apps, open-source apps, or really whatever they choose to do.”

Kendo UI Core will be available in a public GitHub repository under the Apache 2.0 license. The open-source offering will include 38 UI widgets; all of Kendo UI Mobile; all core framework features such as templates, data binding and input validation; access to tests and best practices; and integrations with Bootstrap and UI widgets ready for use with libraries such as AngularJS.

In addition to the announcement of Kendo UI Core, Telerik is also introducing Kendo UI Professional. This version is a paid offering that includes all the data visualization widgets and a handful of enterprise-grade widgets that are not included in Kendo UI Core. Widgets include charts, graphs, grid, scheduler and editor.

“Just a handful of widgets that we tend to see customers use more often,” Satrom said.

The professional version will also include access to professional support for developers. There will be a separate support-only license available to purchase for Kendo UI Core.

Telerik plans to develop and update Kendo UI Core with new widgets, fixes and feature enhancements.

“We are not taking the wraps off so we can go move to something else so we can be more profitable,” said Satrom. “We are going to continue to build on it, we will continue to develop it, and we will continue to depend on it in some of our commercial products.”

More information about Kendo UI is available here.