KnowledgeLake announces a new Enterprise Content Management (ECM) product,
KnowledgeLake Unify that dynamically integrates related SharePoint content
with any business application.  Unify joins the Award-Winning KnowledgeLake
suite of products that enhance the content management features and
extensibility in SharePoint.

KnowledgeLake Unify makes SharePoint content available to an end user
without leaving familiar business applications.  By adding a Unify button
onto the application interface; users can scan, search, reference and
archive content that lies in SharePoint, without the distraction of
switching systems.  User productivity is increased, along with a high
adoption rate because the need to learn a new interface is now eliminated.
KnowledgeLake provides packaged integration templates for the Microsoft
Dynamics product family and a drag-and-drop configuration wizard to reduce
the complexity of implementation.  The release of KnowledgeLake Unify means
faster processing and routing of applications, invoices, approvals and
workflow, along with improved customer response time.

“We are very excited about the latest release of KnowledgeLake Unify that
supports Microsoft Dynamics.” Said Ron Cameron, President of KnowledgeLake.
Our Dynamics customers are consistently telling us that they need to
continue streamlining their existing business processes to save time and
money and better serve their customers.  We’re listening to them, and
KnowledgeLake Unify is designed specifically for this purpose.”

KnowledgeLake Unify for Dynamics SharePoint integration is part of a full
suite of award winning Enterprise Content Management software solutions for
Microsoft SharePoint.