KnowledgeLake,  leading provider of document imaging and capture technologies for Microsoft SharePoint, will be participating in the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011, in Anaheim from October 3-6 as a platinum sponsor.  During this event, KnowledgeLake will offer demonstrations of their latest Imaging for SharePoint 2010 product along with new Mobility Solutions.  

KnowledgeLake continues to bring innovation to the document imaging experience for SharePoint users, by providing advanced imaging features that further enhance the already powerful and robust search and view capabilities of KnowledgeLake Imaging for SharePoint.  These game-changing new features and enhancements include In-Document keyword searching from a browser-based viewer, PDF document editing, related document links, document export, support for SharePoint list items, and image caching for increased viewing performance.

In addition, KnowledgeLake will extend its imaging solution to mobile and tablet devices, offering capture, upload, search and view capabilities for mobile platforms.  This will provide users with another option for viewing content by bringing imaging capability for SharePoint to mobile platforms.

 “As users become more and more connected to the content that drives their workday, the role of mobile devices and tablets is critical,” stated Chris Caplinger, CTO of KnowledgeLake.  “Driving the ability to find, view and capture content from the mobile and tablet devices is something that sets us apart from the competition.  We feel that our customers will appreciate this new point of entry to their KnowledgeLake / SharePoint content.”