DevOps is transforming the way companies compete, but some organizations are not yet structured for it, are unable to automate tasks end to end, or have not yet fine-tuned their processes. CA Technologies (CA) is simplifying the transformation by providing a portfolio of organically developed and acquired tools that enable end-to-end automation and process efficiencies. Using CA’s unique and powerful combination of tools, organizations can deliver higher quality software faster. As an example, global banking and financial institution ING has been able to increase its number of monthly releases from 150 to more than 30,000 in just three short years.

“Companies want to embrace DevOps practices so they can benefit from the application economy,” said Aruna Ravichandran, VP of DevOps Marketing at CA. “Our tools enable customers to bring products to market rapidly. They can achieve Continuous Delivery while providing a phenomenal user experience.”

CA was named one of the 2015 SD Times 100 for its industry-leading contributions in the DevOps category. In the last year, the company has built and enhanced a number of products while making strategic acquisitions that benefit customers in every area of the software development life cycle, from planning to production.

CA’s DevOps leadership has been acknowledged by some of the top industry research firms, including Gartner, Forrester, and KuppingerCole. Ravichandran said CA is the only API Management vendor that was named a leader in their respective recent reports.

Simplify Release Automation
More companies want a reliable foundation for building a Continuous Delivery pipeline. CA Release Automation’s end-to-end design extends across multiple teams and technology silos connecting development, test, release and operations teams. Any combination of open-source, proprietary, CA or third-party tools can be automated as part of a single, comprehensive process that promotes a release from one environment to the next. In addition to streamlining the entire process, CA Release Automation enables effective communication and collaboration across the organization. Using CA Release Automation, software teams can minimize manual transitions and hand-offs, thereby reducing chaos, complexity, human errors, delays and rework. Molina Medicaid Solutions reduced its average deployment time by more than 90%. Spread betting and Contract for Difference (CFD) trading company City Index reduced its manual effort by 50%which accelerated software delivery by 25%.

Embrace Service Virtualization
Service virtualization enables development teams to quickly create, edit and deploy virtual services that simulate the systems, services, microservices or APIs they need. Instead of waiting for constrained resources to become available or waiting for another team to finish a component they need to move forward, virtual services can be used to avoid delays and stay productive. With CA Service Virtualization, software teams are building and testing applications much faster.  And they’re able to “shift left,” completing development and test tasks earlier in the software cycle so applications can be delivered faster, infrastructure costs can be reduced, and overall application quality can be improved. DirecTV was able to reduce the time it takes to set up new development and test environments by 97%.
Manage APIs More Effectively

As more companies move toward Web API architectures and SaaS, they need to quickly convert complex application services into developer-friendly APIs that can be shared easily and securely. To do that, they need to construct, integrate, and maintain API policies efficiently without requiring a team of experts. CA API Management speeds up and simplifies API management so more can be accomplished, even with less-skilled resources. By combining CA’s Service Virtualization and API Management capabilities, virtual and physical services can be made available to development and test teams via a searchable, self-service catalog. Services that reside in the CA API Gateway are automatically replicated to CA Service Virtualization and synchronized after each new deployment for faster creation and simplified maintenance. With the API Gateway, customers are able to reduce development time and enable more agile business processes.

Optimize the Software Life Cycle
CA is actively acquiring complementary providers to fortify its product and service portfolios. The company recently announced its intention to acquire Agile development leader Rally Software and automated software testing leader Grid-Tools.

The Rally acquisition expands CA’s strengths in the DevOps and Management Cloud area, enabling developers to deliver new types of software experiences faster and more flexibly. It also underscores CA’s commitment to helping customers thrive in the application economy.

The Grid-Tools acquisition expands CA’s DevOps capabilities with an enhanced focus on quality acceleration. Rather than being mired in time-consuming manual testing and data-management tasks, enterprises can realize the potential of Agile development and Continuous Delivery. Importantly, organizations benefit from greater test coverage, faster test creation, and repeatable test execution of software assets while reducing the time and resources required to deliver software products.

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