Data is a company’s most valuable asset, but not everyone knows what to do with it or how to derive value from it. Companies are collecting data about devices, browsers, code, third parties, microservices, customer information and business metrics, all of which are growing in volume and complexity. Using the New Relic Software Analytics platform, enterprises and SMBs can deliver better-quality software faster and make more-informed business decisions.

“People are drowning in data and they need help making sense of it,” said Todd Etchieson, VP of Product Management, Business Analytics at New Relic. “As the leader in software analytics, we help you build and run great software.”

New Relic is among the SD Times 100 for its many contributions to the Big Data and Business Intelligence category. In the last year, the company expanded its platform in several ways that strategically benefit customers, and for the third year in a row New Relic was named a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring (APM). Meanwhile, the company expanded its presence across Europe and launched a worldwide enterprise integrator program that will fuel the adoption of its platform among thousands more enterprises worldwide. In addition to adding monitoring capabilities for microservices and Docker, New Relic acquired Ducksboard, a SaaS dashboarding solution.
“We are committed to providing the most comprehensive software analytics platform on the market,” said Etchieson. “Now, people across organizations can get real-time answers to important business questions.”

A Sound Platform Approach
The New Relic Software Analytics Platform can now track, monitor, analyze, and visualize technical and business data. The original product, APM, monitors applications so software teams can spend more time building great software. More recent products include Mobile for optimizing mobile customer experiences, Server for adding operational insights, and Plugins for extending the flexibility of the platform. In the last year, New Relic added Browser for front-end performance insights, Synthetics for simulating user flows and interactions, and Insights for facilitating informed decision-making based on the data collected by all the other modules.

“Our software analytics platform delivers real-time insights so our customers can make critical decisions about their software and businesses,” said Etchieson. “The platform’s broad and deep capabilities allow you to understand how your software is performing, how the business is performing, and how customers are engaging with you.”

Using Insights’ advanced performance capabilities, users can get a detailed, real-time perspective of all the data their software stack is generating. It features a very simple interface, a straightforward query language, and a non-indexed database so any user can explore data and get insights into their company’s technology or business in a self-service manner. Using New Relic Query Language or NRQL, users can quickly build dashboards instead of waiting weeks for reports.

“In a half an hour, you can run queries, create widgets, add them to a dashboard so people can just log in and use the dashboard directly,” said Etchieson.

100% Cloud-Based
The entire New Relic Software Analytics Platform operates in the cloud, so customers can take advantage of advanced, cost-effective software analytics capabilities. Its multi-tenant SaaS architecture allows enterprises and SMBs to analyze software, improve performance, and make critical business decisions.

“Our cloud architecture is democratizing data across organizations, providing direct access to different people. It also allows SMBs to access data analytics capabilities they didn’t have previously,” said Etchieson. “Both enterprise and SMB customers love our SaaS product because it provides a faster, more flexible, and less capital-intensive option to solving important business and technical issues.”

Proven Results
FlightStats, a flight data services and solutions company uses every product New Relic offers to improve both system and business performance. The company attracts more than 5 million unique visitors per month, and delivers nearly 100 million impressions via the Web and mobile devices per month.

“FlightStats tracks the status of about 90,000 flights per day. Because they sell data to vendors, they need an analytics product that allows them to understand the accuracy of their data and how their users are behaving,” said Etchieson. “The entire organization relies on Insights.”

Specifically, the technical analytics team uses the New Relic platform to debug the functionality of the website and to discover holes in data acquisition, which are also critical to the business since its reputation and viability depend on the completeness and timeliness of data. FlightStats is also monitoring user analytics so it can better understand customer behavior and conversions. Interestingly, the company uses Insights to identify IP addresses that are scraping content from its website. Once it identifies the offending addresses, FlightStats blacklists them, which has reduced bandwidth consumption by 50%. Later, the IP addresses are transformed into a prospect list for a paid service.

Expect to see even more business and technical capabilities from New Relic in the near future.

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