Successful brands know that digital customers are less patient and more fickle than brick-and-mortar customers. Six seconds or less can make the difference between a click-through or conversion and a bounce. On Wall Street, milliseconds cost millions. Using SOASTA performance analytics solutions, businesses can master the relationship between business goals, user behavior and end-to-end performance. And, they can get the actionable, real-time intelligence they need to maximize digital business performance.

“We monitor, measure and test over 3 billion user experiences every week. In doing that, we’re learning trends and patterns so our customers can understand their customers at entirely new levels. Whether it’s customers in New York versus New Zealand, the size of the transaction, the value or cost of the item or entertainment versus business transaction, we help our customers better understand performance through performance analytics,” said Tom Lounibos, CEO and cofounder of SOASTA.

SOASTA is among the 2015 SD Times 100 for its leadership in the QA, Security and Performance category. Recently, the company launched a 24-hour Digital Operations Center (DOC) that greatly expands the number of metrics it can test and visualize. That, combined with its unmatched real user monitoring and robust performance testing capabilities, solidifies the company’s position as a leader within the Digital Performance Management (DPM) space, along with AppDynamics, New Relic and DynaTrace.

“Testing and application performance monitoring are converging into one super category,” said Lounibos. “We’re well known in the testing space with CloudTest and TouchTest. mPulse adds real user monitoring to that, which is part of APM. These two environments are coming together because you can’t do one versus the other. You need to test and monitor because there’s always something that slips through the cracks.”

All of the Top 20 online retailers in the U.S. rely on SOASTA to deliver better customer experiences and to outperform their competitors. Soon, the company will introduce a mid-market solution that is destined to be a game-changer for mid-size companies.

Avoid Costly Outages and Latency
App and website failures are on the rise because the architectures needed to run them are getting more complex. New capabilities, such as dynamic content and microservices-based architectures, introduce millions of points of failure in a system. With SOASTA, companies can simulate any possible fail scenario that might occur around the world in a matter of minutes so they can proactively avoid site outages, latency and performance-related app issues.

“Companies lose millions of dollars in seconds,” said Lounibos. “Cool websites and apps built for speed are starting to have performance problems. Just recently, the United Airlines site crashed. Hundreds of thousands of travelers were impacted and over 700 flights were cancelled. The same day, the New York stock exchange crashed. Hundreds of thousands of transactions were cancelled and millions of dollars were lost. Then, everyone went to the Wall Street Journal site to see what happened, and it crashed. People don’t realize that things like that are happening every day.”

Retailers know that site performance directly impacts brand loyalty. In just six seconds, customers will defect to a competitive site that delivers a better user experience.
“It’s terrible for some of the brands that come to us. They haven’t tested or they don’t have the right monitoring in place and they’re running into big problems,” said Lounibos. “Complexity breeds failure and failure is on the rise.”

Keep Pace with the Changing Landscape
In today’s dynamic business environment, companies need to act quickly and wisely. While actionable insights are important, they need to be put in context so that businesses can act with greater precision. Retailers and others are using SOASTA’s DOC correlation platform to combine disparate data sources—some of which may be siloed otherwise—to gain unprecedented insights and intelligence.

“CloudTest and TouchTest can tell you what might occur on a Black Friday or a Cyber Monday. We can simulate every possible scenario that could happen on the planet, but you still need to know what’s happening in the real world,” said Lounibos. “That’s what mPulse does. It captures Web and mobile experiences based on all sorts of factors. We can correlate that data with the data from the hundreds of other monitors our customers are using such as Keynote, Omniture, CoreMetrics, AppDynamics or New Relic to provide a more accurate view of the customer and to understand things like the impact of a millisecond on sales.”

Analytics is completely redefining how Major League Baseball—a SOASTA customer—operates. It uses Big Data and math to decide which players are chosen, what their positions on the field should be and how spectators watch the game.

“Correlation of data is what we’re known for,” said Lounibos. “We allow you to take disparate pieces of data and create new metrics for building your digital business. You can monitor, measure, test and understand user experience in entirely new ways.”

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