While it may seem like everyone offers a Web API these days, managing said APIs is still an evolving science. Mashery today announced that it will begin offering an API analytics tool to help developers and administrators track the usage of their APIs.

The ultimate goal of Mashery’s Analytics for APIs is to tie those APIs directly to the business bottom line. Developers will be able to track statistics on usage and traffic over a period of time, giving them a more complete view of just how their APIs are used and what resources are required to maintain service levels.

Oren Michels, CEO of Mashery, said that API analytics are important for both mobile and social applications. “Organizations are seeing a seismic shift in the number of customers that come through social media sites and mobile applications compared to standard websites and traditional marketing channels,” he said.

“The problem is that there are few analytics tools that expand beyond the Web and allow organizations to measure business value associated with this dramatic shift. There’s a paradox out there: The more innovative and the more types of devices and digital channels a company uses, the less insight into how these new business avenues are fairing. We are now able to solve the paradox of this problem, allowing companies to both accurately measure as well as optimize the resources they’ve put into API development and management.”

Mashery’s API analytics will be available in 2011. Pricing is based on usage volume.