Metalogix Software, the trusted provider of content lifecycle management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange and Cloud platforms, today announced the release of Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint – Public Folders Edition. The 5.0 version allows organizations to migrate all of its Exchange Public Folders content into SharePoint 2010 at record-breaking speed with full-fidelity when migrating content compared to out-of-the-box and competitor’s migration features.

With Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint – Public Folders Edition, version 5.0, organizations can quickly migrate its Public Folder content – everything from an individual e-mail or document, up to and including complete Exchange Public Folder structures – directly into SharePoint in one operation without installing software on the Exchange server. The new version features powerful performance enhancements that empower a faster migration and gives organizations the ability to take full advantage of the robust features found in SharePoint 2010.

“When we were evaluating migration solutions to move our Exchange Public Folders content into SharePoint, we found that Metalogix offered the most thorough set of features,” said Steve Green, Director of IT Innovation, Weatherford. “Our previous thorough experience and satisfaction with Metalogix migration tools gave us the confidence to purchase the Public Folders Edition.”

Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint – Public Folders Edition includes full support for Office 365 so organizations can create a SharePoint environment in the cloud or create a hybrid-cloud scenario, using Migration Manager for SharePoint to seamlessly move content back and forth between on-premises and cloud.

The new release includes a wide range of improved capabilities that makes the full-fidelity migration of Exchange Public Folder content to SharePoint fast and simple for administrators and easy on end-users. Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint – Public Folders Edition includes full Powershell support as well as multi-selection capabilities for administrators to efficiently analyze and select which content to migrate into SharePoint.

The solution also effectively handles the complex mapping involved in the migration between Exchange Public Folder data types and views and SharePoint sites, lists libraries and metadata columns by providing the ability to customize column captions and names, automate mapping using .CSV files, map all users and permissions information and choose target site templates.

In December, Metalogix announced the release of Migration Manager for SharePoint 5.0, which radically increases the speed of SharePoint migrations by moving more than 500GB of full-fidelity content per day. The solution speeds site migrations and upgrades from days to minutes non-disruptively as customer beta testing revealed more than 1,000% performance improvements by leveraging sophisticated multithreading techniques. Additionally, with previously announced enhancements to Metalogix StoragePoint and its Binary Large Objects (BLOB) offloading, high-fidelity migrations can move more than 125GB per hour.

“For organizations looking to enhance their use and performance of their business-critical content, it has become an operational imperative to be fully deployed on SharePoint 2010,” said Steven Murphy, CEO, Metalogix. “With the improved capabilities found in Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint – Public Folders Edition, organizations can quickly and effectively migrate all of its Exchange Public Folder content into SharePoint and unlock the expanded features in SharePoint 2010 thereby increasing its return on investment in their chosen content management platform.”

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