Micro Strategies announces the release of its MSI SharePoint Widget integrating IBM Connections. The MSI SharePoint Widget allows the pulling together of any available documents across an entire SharePoint farm, into a single IBM Connections Community. This enables users to socialize the content stored in SharePoint without having to rebuild the way they organize documents in SharePoint. Some of the benefits include document and site search, linking documents to the widget and the community as well as downloading and viewing linked documents. The IBM Connections Communities enable people to have a place to collaborate on all types of data and now SharePoint documents can be added to that collaboration.

Micro Strategies will be demonstrating the MSI SharePoint Widget at the IBM Connect 2013 Conference on January 27-31, 2013.  The conference will be held in Atlantic Hall at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida. IBM Connect, formerly known as Lotusphere, combines deep technical content and education on how to move beyond social media to drive real business value with social and collaborative technologies. Adam Storch, Micro Strategies’ VP of Business Solutions, will be participating in a five minute “SpeedGeeking” session at Podium C44. During this 5 minute talk, learn why you should include your SharePoint content in an IBM Connections Community and hear about Micro Strategies experiences in enabling users to collaborate on existing content, without having to migrate that content to another repository. Session is on Monday, January 28th from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Participants will migrate as a group around the room from one 5-minute demo station to the next, while stopwatches, buzzers and a loud-mouthed emcee keeps things fast-paced and on track! Visit the IBM Connect 2013 website for show hours and other information.