In an effort to fortify the type safety of its superset JavaScript programming language, Microsoft Research has released Safer TypeScript, an alternative type-checker and code generator for the language.

Through a combination of static checks, the Microsoft Research project aims to guarantee type safety. How exactly Safer TypeScript accomplishes this is still unclear, as there is no official documentation beyond a brief readme in the download. The readme is primarily concerned with installing Safer TypeScript using Node.js and the Jake JavaScript build tool, as well as the method for bootstrapping the compiler.

There is an ongoing CodePlex discussion about Safer TypeScript features and what exactly the tool does, but as of yet there are no official documentation or answers for some of the installation issues users are having.

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Another question is whether it works with TypeScript 1.0, which was officially released at Microsoft’s Build developer conference in April. The Safer TypeScript implementation is fully integrated within the TypeScript 0.9.5 compiler, allowing programmers to opt in simply by providing a flag to the compiler, but at least two StackOverflow programmers have been unable to install it in TypeScript 1.0 systems.