Microsoft today announced a unified registration procedure for Windows Store and Windows Phone developers.

Registered Windows Store developers can now submit apps to the Windows Phone Store using the same account at no additional cost, and vice versa. There are still separate Windows Phone and Windows Store Dev Center dashboards though, for submitting and managing apps.

“Our focus remains to improve the way we help you reach new users and better monetize your apps, all while reducing friction and cost,” said Windows App Store general manager Todd Brix. “I’m hopeful that the steps we’ve taken will encourage you to publish your apps for both Windows and Windows Phone users around the world.”

New developers now have to enter registration information just once, paying a single fee of US$19 for an individual account and $99 for a company. Developers who are already registered will be e-mailed a code within the month for a free one-year renewal.

More detailed information about either side of the developer merger is available for both Windows Phone and Windows Store developers.