Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise chief Satya Nadella was officially named the company’s new CEO today, and the tech industry has responded in force. Former Microsoft employees and executives (including Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates), as well as analysts and financial firms, have all put their two cents in about the new hire.

What ex-Microsoft employees are saying
Dave Mendlen, CMO of Infragistics, former Microsoft product management director and speechwriter for Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer:

“Satya is the perfect next CEO. Why? He is the best parts of Bill—hyper technical, which this engineering-led company needs, along with the best parts of Steve—a brilliant business mind who can connect with the enterprise. Perfect. But no one will ever replace Steve!”

Sam Ramji, former head of open-source software at Microsoft:

“If you’re looking for your most Gates-like president—in terms of really having technology genius plus business genius—Satya seems like the best bet.”

Bill Hilf, VP of converged cloud products and services at HP and former general manager of product management for Windows Azure:

“The reason why I have mountains of respect for Satya is that he’s first and foremost a great and sincere and honest human being… It’s a weird thing to say, but that’s a rare thing at Microsoft, because you have so many hardcore technologists who have risen up through the ranks. He is able to connect with people, understand the dynamics between people or understand the impact something might have—not just to a product but to the people involved with it.”

Analysts give their take
Rob Enderle, principal analyst at The Enderle Group: