Vizit, a provider of content visualization, search and social collaboration solutions for SharePoint, has announced the general availability of Vizit 6. The release brings significant enhancements to both of the company’s products, Vizit Essential and Vizit Pro.

In Essential, the release touches upon its PDF and e-mail capabilities. While users have always been able to view e-mail messages quickly in SharePoint, they now have the ability to view and navigate e-mail attachments as a natural extension. A new slide-out panel allows users to quickly preview, view and navigate PDF files in SharePoint 2013.

“We conducted a survey of over 1,200 organizations that revealed most SharePoint file searches seek
something more granular than the file itself,” said Paul Yantus, CEO of Vizit. “Support of
PDF bookmarks adds another method for users to navigate directly to what they seek in SharePoint files.”

In Pro, Vizit 6 extends its annotation capabilities. Plug-ins can now be registered through a console program or PowerShell. Whenever a user selects the customer annotation in Pro’s interface, it will pass a .NET graphics object to the associated plug-in to draw the result.

new API extension provides the flexibility integrators need to address any document annotation need in
SharePoint,” said Yantus.

Vizit 6 also gives Pro a SharePoint 2013 site-level feature for adding a ribbon button and drop-down menu item, and a new full-screen thumbnail mode for splitting and merging large documents.

In both products, the release extends thumbnail previews to SharePoint 2013 document libraries. Users are now able to simply put their mouse over a file type icon to see the first page of a document.

The full release notes are available here.