Hoping to take a bite out of the SharePoint market, a Czech company called BoldBrick has released its Mossquito 2009 IDE for SharePoint.

The tool focuses on the handling and management of data models, according to the company. Mossquito enables users to take data models created by business analysts and bring them into SharePoint as XML files, and to export data to UML modeling tools for use in application documentation, the company said. Meanwhile, programmers can create the business logic behind these data models in Visual Studio 2008, or access data using Mossquito’s built-in engine to create migration solutions. Using SharePoint Designer, companies can then create SharePoint websites based on the underlying models.

A key feature is the compare and merge engine, which lets users look at data models and merge changes between them. The IDE also gives users the ability to define data access policies, perform project management, and do data versioning. In future releases, the company plans to add the ability to manage workflow associations, roles and list security, and event handler associations, the company said. A complete list of features and plans for further development of the IDE.