7pace: 7pace Timetracker extends Visual Studio Team Services with professional time recording and management capabilities, designed for software developers. 7pace Timetracker is so seamlessly integrated, you’ll think it’s always been there. 7pace Timetracker builds feedback into your work environment to help teams learn and improve over time, automates standard tasks, and lets you create high-level reports. Users benefit from learning productivity by data, reporting accurately and being enabled to deliver unrivalled planning and forecast.

Alachisoft: NCache is a high-performance open source .NET/.NET Core in-memory distributed cache. It provides speed, scalability and reliability for database, data storage and ASP.NET/Core applications. The NCache distributed cluster communicates with optional NCache client caches deployed at the application for optimum speed and reliability. NCache makes sharing and managing data in the cluster as simple as on a single server, and synchronizes with the resident database. Available on-premises and in the cloud. Learn more at www.alachisoft.com.

ASNA: ASNA Synon Escape migrates Synongenerated AS/400 (ne IBM i) applications to C# and SQL Server on the .NET platform. With Escape, Synon-generated applications are given new life, free from Synon and its asphyxiating Model. Escape exploits the Model and other RPG programs to provide a refactored version of the original application in C#. This new version of the application can then be maintained and enhanced with conventional C# idioms and best practices.

Caphyon: Over the last 15 years Caphyon has created software applications for developers and Internet professionals that are reliable, secure and easy to use. Advanced Installer is used for authoring MSI/AppX /MSIX packages and repackaging by a wide users range, from beginners to senior developers and system administrators. Fast and easy to use, it ensures a great ROI for your team reducing the time used to create the setup packages, leaving more time for development.

Chef: Chef Automate enables you to build, deploy, and manage your Azure infrastructure and applications seamlessly across your dev and operations teams. The Automate platform gives you end-to-end visibility across your entire fleet, so you can detect issues and enable continuous compliance of apps and infrastructure and manage changes in a single workflow. Chef Automate is available in the Azure marketplace so you can start automating today.

Combit: The List & Label reporting tool enhances applications hassle free, enabling generation of a host of report types. Designer objects include tables, crosstabs, charts, barcodes, graphics, PDF, and more. It offers rapid performance and is suitable for deployment in any project size. The report designer can be redistributed free of charge. List & Label supports WinForms, ASP.NET (MVC), WPF and connects to any data source: SQL, ADO.NET, OLE DB, ODBC, ORMs. www.combit.com

DevArt: dbForge SQL Complete is an excellent add-in for SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio providing an outstanding Intellisense-like functionality and automatic code formatting features. The tool enhances code accuracy and quality, speeds up SQL code writing by offering context-based smart suggestions, performs automatic formatting and refactoring, thus increasing your productivity, reducing costs, and saving you a huge amount of time and efforts in the database and code development process.

DevSense: PHP Tools for Visual Studio transparently integrate into Microsoft Visual Studio, and extend it with the support for PHP language. The extension is focused on developer productivity respecting conventions. It understands your code, provides smart code completion, quick navigation, syntax error checking, integrated localized PHP manual, project system, debugging support and more. Read more and download now on www.devsense.com.

GitHub: GitHub is how people build software. Millions of individuals and organizations around the world use GitHub to discover, share, and contribute to software—from games and experiments to popular frameworks and leading applications. Whether you work for a small startup, a university, or a Fortune 500 company, GitHub enables powerful, collaborative workflows. You can use GitHub.com in the cloud or GitHub Enterprise on your server, then integrate your favorite apps and services to customize how you build software.

Gnostice: Gnostice creates PDF and Office document processing controls and APIs for WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET and Xamarin. These controls are offered as the Gnostice XtremeDocumentStudio.NET product. The included multi-format HTML5 based ASP.NET Document Viewer is one of the major and much liked controls of Gnostice XtremeDocumentStudio. The Document Viewersupports viewing of PDF and Office documents with support for interactive PDF form-filling and annotation. To know more, please log on to www.gnostice.com.

GrapeCity: GrapeCity’s family of products provides developers, designers, and architects with the ultimate collection of easy-to-use tools for building sleek, high-performing, feature-complete enterprise applications. Our experts anticipate the needs of the market and offer the industry’s best support, delivering ComponentOne and Wijmo’s grids, charts, and UI controls for .NET, Xamarin, and JavaScript; ActiveReports reporting; Spread spreadsheet solutions; and the newly-released GrapeCity Documents APIs for Excel and PDF. For more information visit www.grapecity.com.

Infragistics: Infragistics is a worldwide leader in providing tools and solutions that accelerate design, development, and collaboration. In April, they released the latest version of their component suite, Infragistics Ultimate 18.1 and an aggressive product roadmap for future releases. Updates include high-speed .NET and JavaScript / HTML5 data grids and chart components for the financial services industry, new functionality for their Angular data grid, and extensive Microsoft Excel style spreadsheet solutions for .NET and JavaScript.  www.infragistics.com

InstallAware: Integrates with Visual Studio, letting you build MSI Windows Installer, EXE Native Code, App-V Application Virtualization, and APPX Windows Store (Universal Windows Platform/UWP) outputs from your active Visual Studio project in just a single click on the Visual Studio toolbar! Other InstallAware unique features include programmatic application pinning to the Windows 10 Start Menu/Taskbar, up to 90% better compression, fully automated virtual machine unit testing (with command line support), and many more. Try InstallAware today: www.installaware.com.

IntervalZero: RTX64 turns the Microsoft 64-bit Windows operating system into a real-time operating system (RTOS). RTX64 enhances Windows by providing hard real-time and control capabilities familiar to both developers and end users. RTX64 is a key component of the IntervalZero RTOS Platform that comprises x86 and x64 multicore multiprocessors, Windows, and real-time Ethernet (e.g. EtherCAT or PROFINET) to outperform real-time hardware such as DSPs and radically reduce the development costs for systems that require determinism or hard real-time

JetBrains: Rider is fast, powerful, cross-platform .NET IDE. Rider can open, manage, build and debug a wide variety of .NET Framework, Mono and .NET Core based solutions, and provides editing support for most languages used in .NET development: C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET syntax, F#, XAML, XML, JavaScript, TypeScript, JSON, HTML, CSS, and SQL. Develop .NET, ASP.NET, .NET Core, Xamarin or Unity applications on Windows, Mac, Linux with Rider.

JNBridge: JNBridge connects anything Java together with anything .NET, anywhere. With JNBridgePro, get Java-based and .NET-based (C#, VB) components working together quickly and easily. Gain full access to any API on the other side, whether or not it’s service-enabled. Architecture-agnostic deployment configurations can go anywhere from in the same process to separate clouds. JNBridge’s JMS Adapters for BizTalk and for .NET provide seamless integration with any JMS infrastructure. For a free 30-day trial, visit jnbridge.com.

LEAD Technologies: LEAD Technologies is the developer of LEADTOOLS, the award-winning line of comprehensive SDKs designed to help programmers integrate document, medical, and multimedia imaging into their desktop, server, and mobile applications. LEADTOOLS offers support for OCR, Barcode, Forms Recognition, PDF, Document Conversion and Viewing, Document Cleanup, Annotations, DICOM, PACS, audio/video codecs, streaming, Image Compression, Image Processing, Viewers, Scanning, and more. A LEADTOOLS toolkit literally puts millions of lines of code at the fingertips of application developers.

Mobilize.Net: Used by over 90% of the Global 1000, Mobilize.Net’s AI-assisted modernization tools—including WebMAP5—transform ‘90s desktop client/server apps into modern web applications using open standards like .NET Core, Angular, JavaScript, HTML5 and more. WebMAP5 automatically transforms source code from VB6, PowerBuilder, and Silverlight into scalable, performant ASP.NET Core apps without the risk and effort of a rewrite. Learn how to save up to 80% on your modernization efforts at www.mobilize.net.

Modern Requirements: Business analysis is often not aligned with Application Life Cycle or DevOps practices resulting in missed dates, unfulfilled product promises and challenged regulatory reporting. Modern Requirements4TFS reduces time-to-value delivery with ingenious process automation, visualizations and extensible reporting; eliminating waste and streamlining collaboration. Uniquely built into TFS/VSTS, it bridges the gap between document and information management. Modern Requirements4TFS is a value-added solution for Visual Studio Enterprise subscribers and is used by thousands of organizations worldwide.

OpsHub: In Digital Age, enterprises must adopt Agility at Scale to be competitive and meet customers’ expectations. OpsHub Integration Manager enables out of the box integration between 50+ systems like VSTS, RTC, Jira, ServiceNow, Rational DoorsNG, HPE ALM, etc., enabling enterprise to implement Agility at Scale and deliver quality products and customer experiences. OpsHub enables Program Management Organizations to effectively drive digital transformation even when different teams are using heterogenous tools. #SAFe #EPMO

Perforce: Perforce Software is a leading provider of developer collaboration solutions that span the software development lifecycle. Our flagship version control platform, Helix Core, is renowned for its flexibility and integrates with countless tools. Thanks to the P4VS plugin, Helix Core version control capabilities are available to Visual Studio users. With the plugin, teams can perform essential version control tasks without leaving Visual Studio. Learn more about version control for Visual Studio.

Progress Telerik: Telerik DevCraft provides all the .NET and Kendo UI JavaScript components/controls, reporting, productivity and testing tools a .NET developer needs to build high-performant modern apps with an outstanding UI. The bundles offer the best value of all app dev toolsets on the market today and help to increase developer productivity.

Redgate: Redgate has specialized in database software for 18 years and is the leading provider of tools for professionals working on the Microsoft Data Platform. Our solutions help developers and data professionals include databases in compliant DevOps processes, so they can stay agile and productive at every stage of development, while protecting personally-identifiable information and complying with regulations such as GDPR and SOX. Find out more about how our solutions can help you at www.red-gate.com/solutions

Riganti: DotVVM is a unique framework for building rich web UI experiences with .NET. It is designed to provide an easy and efficient way of building complex line of business web apps. DotVVM offers full integration with Visual Studio and provides useful readymade components for enterprise web applications. It can be adopted quickly by any team of .NET developers, even if the team has no previous experience with web development

SonarSource: A leader in Code Quality and security, SonarSource’s products SonarLint, SonarQube and SonarCloud are massively used and fully integrated with DevOps pipeline: Visual Studio, VS Code, VSTS/TFS, Jenkins Github. From initial writing of the code in the IDE, through having Pull Request decorated automatically, up to using a quality gate to help decide whether the code is fit for production or not, developers have an overall assessment of the quality of their code throughout the SDLC. More on www.sonarsource.com

Tasktop: Tasktop integrates Microsoft VSTS and TFS with external Agile and DevOps tools to create a unified software value stream. Auto mating the flow of information across best-of-breed tools enables visibility and traceability while eliminating wasteful manual updates. This accelerates development speed while enabling developers to work in their tools of choice. Connect Microsoft with more than 50 Agile and DevOps tools such as Jira, ServiceNow, Micro Focus, VersionOne, CA, and IBM.

UXDivers: UXDivers is a product design company with focus on user experience and user interface design. The company is committed to helping developers close the gap between good coding and good user interface design. Proof of this commitment are UXDivers most popular products, including Grial UI Kit and Gorilla Player for Xamarin.Forms. Grial UI Kit, the first user interface Kit for Xamarin.Forms, is a complete collection of UI layouts, styles and resources. UXDivers’ Gorilla Player is a multiple device previewer for Xamarin.Forms applications.

TenAsys: TenAsys makes optimum use of Visual Studio for the development of hard, real-time applications. The INtime RTOS is a fully supported target of the latest Visual Studio 2017 IDE. Developers simultaneously develop and debug their C/C++ real-time applications with their Windows hosted ones, even with both OS’s running on the same machine, at the same time. Achieve fully deterministic solutions with the tools and experience you rely upon today.

Xircuit: Xircuit, which has been developed by All about Ashley in Germany, is a cloud-based framework that makes it simple to create websites and smartphone apps. Xircuit is specifically designed to help small and medium-sized businesses reach customers, promote brand awareness, and drive business growth. Xircuit websites and apps look fantastic on any device. The all-in-one platform offers everything for a modern digital appearance. Take advantage of Xircuit: Your new homepage is waiting for you at www.xircuit.io