nGage Intelligence is a tool for measuring, driving and sustaining the wide-scale behavior changes that deliver business value from SharePoint. It generates a Data Warehouse that combines a rich profile of every member of an organization with a detailed, time-stamped record of their every interaction with SharePoint.

This ‘Single Source of the Truth’ is made available within SharePoint via dashboards and reports built using standard Microsoft business intelligence technologies: from Page Path Analysis for Site Owners – to high-level adoption trends and KPIs for the C-Suite. From detailed reporting around performance and reliability – to measuring the effectiveness of implementation and training programs.

nGage Intelligence retains its unique strengths as a ‘top down’ change and performance management system for SharePoint Governance teams and Steering Committees.

The new release of nGage Intelligence introduces the SharePoint Site Owner Reporting Suite
SharePoint Site Owners are now automatically given access to dashboards that provide both summary and ‘deep dive’ analytics for their Site Collections, Sites and Sub-Sites.

The Site Summary dashboard comprises headline KPI’s and a number of detailed usage reports. This is supported by dedicated areas for the analysis of the search, navigation and the overall user experience. With around 35 out-of-the-box reports, most Site Owners will find their questions are already answered. But by choosing Microsoft’s PerformancePoint as its default reporting tool, the new Reporting Suite also makes it easy for those who want to dig deep for actionable insights.

Paul Henry, Chief Executive said, “This new release really rounds out what nGage Intelligence brings to SharePoint analytics inside the firewall. It’s not so much about the additional metrics it brings. What matters is that our new Reporting Suite will help Site Owners – whatever their mission – to keep increasing the value of their sites. Whether that’s in terms of breadth of adoption, level of engagement or the quality of user experience. That’s what we mean when we talk about ‘Measurably Successful SharePoint’.”

nGage Intelligence is sponsoring the upcoming SharePoint Technology Conference being held next week at the San Francisco Hilton, Union Square.