Contrast Security has announced a new sponsorship program to support open source developers. 

Under the new Open Source Software Sponsorship Program, developers working on open source projects will be financially supported. According to the company, this will help accelerate time-to-market of those projects as well. 

Contrast Security explained that while open-source software has many benefits, there is also a need to balance risks and rewards when it comes to making trade-offs with agility, quality, vulnerability, and security. What complicates this is that most open-source projects are maintained by a single developer or just a small team of developers, all on a voluntary basis. 

“The amount of time and resources they have to look at and update their code is completely unknown, and some software might not be maintained at all as these developers are under no obligation to do so,” said Jeff Williams, co-founder and chief technology officer at Contrast Security. “We created the Contrast Open Source Sponsorship Program to support the efforts of these independent developers. I hope others join us in supporting these projects as they improve the entire developer ecosystem and make the world a better and more secure place.”

Through the program, over $15,000 will be granted to support projects. The company has already made its first round of support. Projects that have received funds include Corpus, KubeOps, NapiRS, Homebrew, Yarn, SpringDoc, and Autofac.