This week’s highlighted project is Falcon, which is an open-source Python framework for building large-scale app backends and microservices.

According to the Falcon maintainers, the framework encourages the REST architectural style. It also attempts to do as little as possible, while also remaining highly efficient. 

“When it comes to building HTTP APIs, other frameworks weigh you down with tons of dependencies and unnecessary abstractions. Falcon cuts to the chase with a clean design that embraces HTTP and the REST architectural style,” the Falcon documentation states. 

The project was created in order to support the demanding needs of microservices and responsive app backends. 

Key features of Falcon include a highly-optimized and extensible code base, intuitive routing, easy access to headers and bodies, DRY request processing, idiomatic HTTP error responses, straightforward exception handling, snappy unit testing, and CPython 3.5+ and PyPy 3.5+ support.