ScreenLink works as an open-source alternative to the screen capture tool, Loom, and it enables users to create and share screen recording demos for customers, support teams, and more in minutes.

Users can easily create tutorials and presentations through screen recording, and they can record from their camera and microphone alongside their screen for more engaging and personable demonstrations. 

The project is open-source and also has a paid option for users needing more advanced capabilities. The free tier enable users to record and share up to 10 videos, catering to those who use the platform occasionally. For more frequent use and professional requirements, the Pro and Growth plans provide expanded usage options. These plans are tailored to accommodate the diverse needs of users, offering flexibility and scalability in line with their usage patterns.

According to the maintainers, the platform has a user-friendly interface, which ensures that individuals of all technical backgrounds can easily initiate the recording and sharing of demonstrations with just a few clicks. The emphasis on accessibility and simplicity aims to democratize the process of creating and sharing content through ScreenLink.

Additional details are available here.