The Linux Foundation announced that it created three new training courses on the edX platform, which cover Linux, Git, and other open source development tools. 

The courses can be taken individually or combined to earn a Professional Certificate in Open Source Software Development, Linux and Git.

Open Source Software Development: Linux for Developers (LFD107x) covers concepts that are crucial in developing open-source software, as well as how to work productively in a Linux environment. Students will learn about Linux systems, including key concepts like installation, desktop environments, text editors, important commands and utilities, command shells and scripts, filesystems, and compiling software.

The second course, Linux Tools for Software Development (LFD108x) goes over the tools that one would use on everyday work in Linux development. It is intended for developers that are experienced with working on any operating system that want to learn the basics of open-source development. 

The final course, Git for Distributed Software Development (LFD109x), offers an introduction to Git and it will prepare participants to use Git to create new repositories or to clone existing ones, commit new changes, review revision histories, and more. 

To earn the professional certificate, participants must enroll in the program, complete all three courses, and pay a verified certificate fee of $149 per course.