To enable developers and DevOps professionals to accelerate the delivery of their applications, F5 will release new open-source versions of management solutions, along with a new open-source modern application reference architecture.

The company also stated that it will take an active role in the Kubernetes Ingress project and that it will join the Gateway API community.

The new Now Arriving is an interactive community experience featuring seven different immersive digital environments designed by artists and developers to help viewers learn about the capabilities of the F5 open-source platform. 

Julia Computing receives DARPA grant for AI-based digital phased arrays using GPUs 

Julia Computing has been awarded funding by DARPA to bring the company’s advanced AI and ML capabilities to the field of fully digital phased array systems.

“With the increasing availability of low-cost radio integrated circuits (ICs) with excellent performance characteristics, the further applicability of phased array systems is now highly constrained by the availability of high-performance signal processing systems capable of handling the high data rates produced by all digital phased arrays. In this research program, we’re excited to bring Julia’s industry-leading graphics processing unit (GPU) compute capabilities to this rapidly growing domain,” said Keno Fischer, the project’s principal investigator and the CTO of Julia Computing.

Julia is a high-performance open-source computing language for data, analytics, algorithmic trading, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other scientific and numeric computing applications.

Apache weekly update 

The Apache Software Foundation announced the release of Apache Jackrabbit 2.16.8, an incremental feature release based on and compatible with earlier stable Jackrabbit 2.x releases. 

Other releases this week included ActiveMQ 5.16.3, Tomcat 8.5.70, and Traffic Server 9.1.0

Also, a vulnerability was addressed in Apache Roller the caused regex injection leading to DoS. Additional details on all of the latest coming from the ASF is available here