This week’s highlighted open-source project makes it easy for developers to use VS Code on the go.

Code-server is a VS Code instance developed by Coder that runs on a remote server, enabling VS Code to be accessed through a browser. Coder open-sourced the solution in March.

Because VS Code is being hosted on a large remote server, tests, compilations, and downloads are faster, the code-server team explained. It also removes the computation limitations of local machines.

It’s particularly useful for developers on the go who may be running off their laptop battery. Because computations are performed on the server, devices battery life can be preserved, the team explained.

“Developers ready to embrace the cloud-based IDE can do so without losing features, or control. This means you can code on your Chromebook, tablet, and desktop with a completely synchronized environment. You can spill coffee on your laptop without fear of losing work. If you are an organization, you can standardize development environments across the entire team. You can also take advantage of CPU-bursting cloud instances for compilations and heavy tests,” the Coder team wrote in a post.