A new open-source project wants to provide an alternative to the Stack Exchange Network. While it is still a work in progress, Codidact is a “community-controlled, open-source Q&A platform.”

“This project was created to coordinate and keep track of current efforts by a group of (mostly unsatisfied) users of Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange Network to develop an alternative to these platforms,” the project’s wiki stated.

The Codidact team began meeting in October. The goal is to devise a plan on how to make Codidact a reality and get enough people to make it reliable. The project will be funded through donations and work with individual communities. 

In order to get involved, users can jump onto the forum, head to GitHub or use Discord to discuss ideas. 

Currently on the project’s roadmap is whether or not to use a frontend framework, decide on site structure, agree on architectural and code style guidelines, coordinate attributions and roles, begin development, and decide on the community management approach.